STÖTTA LED Lighting Strip, Battery-Operated (White)

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The simplest way to light up your wardrobe without waking your partner in the morning. A soft light switches on as you open the door. It’s battery-operated, so you don’t have to deal with cables.

Product dimensions:
Luminous flux: 70 lm
Length: 52 cm
Width: 5.5 cm
Height: 2.0 cm

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  • Easy to place anywhere as it is battery operated and does not need to be connected to the mains supply.
  • The light switches on and off automatically when you open or close the drawer so no energy is wasted.
  • Suitable for use in confined spaces, such as cabinets, bookshelves and closets, as the LED light source only emits low heat.
  • Uses LED, which consumes up to 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Please refer to packaging label for country of origin.
good to know
IKEA recommend LADDA rechargeable batteries.
With new, fully charged LADDA AA 2450 mAh rechargeable batteries, one charging will last approx. 1.5 months if the lighting strip is used 5 minutes per day.
Do not mix batteries of different types, capacities or date stamps.
Light colour: warm white (2700 Kelvin).
Combine and complete
Only suitable for wardrobes with hinged doors.
Additional information
Built-in LED light source.
The light source has a lifetime of approx. 25,000 hours. This corresponds to about 20 years if the lamp is on for 3 hours per day.
Sold separately
Batteries are sold separately; 4 pcs AA required.
care instructions
Wipe clean with a damp cloth.